About Macy

Macy Wilson is an aspiring young artist. She's immature and reckless, she dropped out of high school at 16, her parents never loved her or supported her. Zane was her dad, a salesperson who never talked much. Odessa was her mom, she was firm and stern to Macy. Macy Wilson decided to leave her parents and pave her own way as one of the "Wild Ones", like her pop band name hints at.

Born: August 6th, 1997.

Where: Chicago.

Age: 16.

Gender: 100% Biological Female

Nationality: 1/4 Dutch, 1/4 English, 2/4 American.


Macy Wilson's parents are Zane and Odessa, they were basically neglectful and Macy basically survived on leftover pizza, hot dogs and salad as well as milk and orange juice from the refrigerator of her house for dinner and lunch as a teenager. Why didn't they want her? Just because she was blind. On weekends, Macy was forced to spend them with her grandmother, her parents would drop her off there Macy Wilson's grandmother "Nana" was very sickly and did not like Macy, in fact "Nana" cussed at her all the time as well as groaning about how life used to be without children and laughing at Macy as well as name calling her "word vomit" and "no good" . So Macy would hide and do her homework where "Nana" couldn't see her. So basically, on weekdays, she went to school every day, she didn't like being in "Special Education". Despite the  non-disabled kids making fun of her, she'd sit next to her "Special Education" friends and discuss her life as well as the work they did in school. Macy had a friend with cerebral palsy at school, Robin, who thought Macy was cool and was confused about why people didn't like Macy. Robin and Macy were both friends with Leela, a skinny girl with a rare disorder called hemophilia. After Leela died, Macy and Robin decided to live their lives the way they wanted. Robin wanted to finish school, and Macy decided she'd rather become a rockstar. Robin cried when Macy left, but then moved on.